Training is a LifeStyle

Our goal is to provide training and situational awareness to individuals, families, and organizations to better equip people to defend themselves, and what they hold dear.

“Safety requires much more than carrying a gun.”

Firearm Safety and Training

View our firearm safety and training classes. We have classes available for all ages and skill sets. Register online for our next available class, or request personalized or private lessons.

Safehouse Consulting

Our trainers leverage their experience in Law Enforcement Special Operations to give you and your family the knowledge needed to respond to all types of threats in the home or your daily life.

Emergency Action Planning

EAP, or Emergency Action Planning is a consulting package that is designed to provide options for organizations, large or small, to prepare for and develop plans for all types of emergencies.

About Tac Safe

Training and Education For All Skill Levels

Tactics and Safety Consultants is a group of dedicated professional trainers from the Law Enforcement and Civilian communities. We recognize that responsible, armed citizens and a well-informed community are the best deterrents against crime and violence.

Our goal is to provide training and situational awareness to not only individuals, but also to families, groups, businesses, and organizations.

Give us  call at 623-764-3145 or contact us online to inquire about our services and how we can help you and/or your organization.

Family Getting Together At Home

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