Advanced Low Light Rifle/Pistol

Battle Drills

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Each course requires a minimum of three students, or the course will be canceled.

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Dave Turley
Tactics and Safety Consultants, LLC

Advanced Low Light Rifle/Pistol

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This course brings all your skill sets together in a series of challenging drills. You will be shooting from vehicles, around vehicles, from different types of cover, moving, in close quarters, and working doorways and hallways (simulated). This will be a higher round count than usual and will push you to a new level of comfort and skill with rifle and pistol!

(The last day to register is 7/12 – Cowtown policy requires 72-hour notice.)

Members – The range fee is $5.00.
Non-Members – The range fee is included in your price.


Welcome Letter / Important information for your course.

THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN ARRIVING ON THE RANGE: Please keep all firearms in their cases or holsters until we are on the firing line. For everyone’s safety, we will commit to NOT handling guns for any reason unless on the firing line.

FACILITIES: Cowtown is a rustic range complex without potable water. The Porta-Potties are cleaned regularly, but there are no other facilities nearby.

WHAT TO BRING: We will be in desert terrain, so some type of:

  • Comfortable closed-toe shoes, hiking shoes, or sneakers are suggested.
  • Ballcap, hat with a visor or brim, eye, and ear pro (we can supply them if needed)
  • Comfortable shirt with a closed collar (no V-neck or tank top)
  • Sunscreen, water, snacks, and any meds if needed.



Please bring your:

  • Carry gun with at least two magazines
  • Rifle with two to three magazines
  • 400 rounds for each platform

(If you don’t have a rifle or a pistol, we can provide them for you to try. Please let us know.)

HOLSTERS: Please bring your own, or we can provide one, depending on the gun.

BELT: Good quality leather or nylon belt, 1.5 to 2 inches wide.

SCHEDULE: We will start with a brief introduction on housekeeping issues, sign-in, and safety briefing. After that, we will discuss our goals and inspect your gear. Our top priority is to create a safe training environment while evaluating your gun accuracy and safety. We will maintain a relaxed yet challenging pace. Our second goal is to have fun! Finally, we will have a quick debrief to go over your class experience. We’re excited to see you there.

Please call us if you have any questions.

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