CQB Home Defense 3.0 – TAC HUB 7/20

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Dave Turley
Tactics and Safety Consultants, LLC

CQB Home Defense 3.0 – TAC HUB 7/20

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Tac Safe is joining Tac Hub to provide training in Close-Quarters Defense. Tac Hub is a 3000 sq ft air-conditioned, indoor, state-of-the-art training facility. We will beat the heat as we learn the basics of Home Defense with Force-on-Force scenarios and equipment.

This block is geared toward students who have some training or experience in the fundamentals of Close-Quarters Techniques. Church Safety Teams, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Family or Workmates will learn to function effectively as teams of two, three, and four in scenario-based training.  We will also cover these topics in low- to no-light scenarios.

Topics Covered:

  • Moving safely through a structure with a firearm.
  • Clearing corners, angles, and doorways with a firearm.
  • Home Invasion scenario.
  • Active Shooter scenario.
  • Moving to and defending loved ones during a break-in or active shooter.
  • Moving through hallways, corners, and stairwells tactically.



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