Emergency Action Planning (EAP)


Emergency Action Planning

EAP, or Emergency Action Planning is a consulting package that is designed to provide options for organizations, large or small, to prepare for and develop plans for all types of emergencies. Utilizing our background in Law Enforcement Special Operations, our trainers will come to you and guide you through each step in creating an Emergency Plan that will suit your individual needs. Every organization is different, with unique priorities and needs. We will show you how to set priorities, create a working plan and train your employees to respond to all types of emergencies, from disgruntled employee, violence in the workplace, active shooter, or other threats to safety.

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Organizations will learn to:

  • Create Emergency Response Plans for their employees.
  • Increase awareness.
  • Streamline communications.
  • Support a safer environment.

What is covered during the EAP training?

The Initial Assessment is usually 2 hours, which includes a walk-through of your facility and understanding the steps needed to create your plan. The next meeting will draft your plan and initial training based on the principles we help you develop. Most organizations require 4 to 6 hours to set goals, prepare a plan, and do scenario-based training.

Arrange to have your key personnel on hand and have a list of things that are important to your company or concerns that are important. We cover ALL aspects of safety for employees and the community.

The most common topics are:

  • Disgruntled employee
  • Medical emergency
  • Evacuation / shelter in place
  • Threat assessment
  • Employee safety
  • Even natural disasters
  • Active shooter

This course is for any group or organization, large or small.

The following people would benefit from being in attendance:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human resources
  • Security personnel
  • Or any representatives that will be part of the planning process.

Times and Locations for EAP Training:

We come to you for the training because each client has unique needs, and a walk-through of your facility will help us provide you with the relevant information. In addition, you can give us a call to inquire about any questions or about setting up a time for training. You can also click the button below to fill out our online inquiry form.