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“I’ve instructed and worked with Dave for over 8 years. I’ve been in State and Federal law enforcement for over 22 years. Hands down, Dave is the best of the best. His ability to train all levels of trainees while keeping it fun is a perfect blend. His knowledge base is phenomenal. Most importantly is his willingness to share that knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Dave instruct my family or me.”
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Federal Law Enforcement
“I have had the honor of working with Dave Turley on the USMS Violent Offender Task Force for over 5 years. As the Commander, I required each team member to perform at an exceptional level. I leaned on Dave to determine need, provide a plan, and give instruction in areas of firearms proficiency, building clearing, and arrest tactics. I have not found a more knowledgeable and professional instructor in my 27 years in federal law enforcement.”
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Ernest G
Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal (Ret.)
“Having worked with Dave for several years, there is no one more knowledgeable in Firearms, Tactics, and Safety. Dave’s worldly experience certainly makes him a subject matter expert, instructing the basic student to the most advanced. Bar none, and you cannot go wrong choosing Tac Safe Az to learn your skillset or sharpen it. Every time I’ve attended one of Dave’s courses, I walked away with something learned and something to work on. Five Star course with First Class instruction. I highly recommend it.”
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Task Force Commander
U.S. Marshals
“I have worked with Dave for the past 7 of my 10 years in law enforcement. As a colleague and an instructor, Dave has been instrumental in my progress and development in firearms training and critical thinking in the field. As a female in this position, I have seen that sometimes there can be a negative assumption of a woman’s ability to be successful and confident in firearms and tactics. Dave’s desire to prepare everyone for success is demonstrated by his willingness to train everyone who wants to learn, regardless of their experience level. This creates the kind of positive, relaxed environment that develops skill as well as confidence. I would recommend Tac Safe Az to any of my friends and family.”
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Leah S.
“I have known Dave personally, professionally, and most importantly, as a student. Although Dave’s knowledge base is enormous, he is able to teach the beginner and advanced student alike. He is safe and serious in all of his courses; however, I have never left a training with Dave, where I haven’t laughed and had fun! I highly recommend Dave and Tac Safe Az.”
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Bob D
I have known Dave Turley for some time. One of the kindest, most gentlemanly guys you could ever know. It was always hard to believe he did what he did for a living. Essentially a badass! Well, last weekend I learned a lot more about him. How skilled and knowledgeable he is!! A great instructor and educator. I was fortunate to take his Carbine Class. He and his band of fellow SWAT men taught us to sight in a carbine, shoot from prone, sitting, kneeling, standing, and each from 50, 25, 10, and 5 meters. We then did drills to unjam a gun, what to do when out of ammo, how to engage a hostile, etc., etc.!! And yes, we shot somewhere near 200+ rounds. BY far the best and most comprehensive course I have ever attended, I am now much more comfortable with my gun. Dave, thank you for the experience. I would highly recommend your course and instruction.
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